LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for people to meet one another in a professional setting. It is quite hard to manage all the people that you may want to meet. It is also very cumbersome to comb through dozens of profile pages to find interesting conversation topics to bring up.

And that is why you may automate your LinkedIn to make connections between people and yourself.

Here’s a simple way in which you can connect with people:

  1. Generate leads for your needs.

Firstly, remember to think of the people that you would like to target. Is it the Managing Director? Is it a university student with a Law degree?

Use LinkedIn Xray tool to generate leads based on your location and interest. Some examples of LinkedIn Xray tools include:

Remember to fill in all the keywords accordingly.

Let’s say I’m on I am looking for someone with my profile, i.e., someone with a marketing major, living in Singapore.

I’m just going to fill this in here:

You will get to this page.

Click “open in Google.”

Here’s your list! Don’t exit the page.

Alternatively, you may want to use

You’ll need to scroll slightly lower for this one.

And voila!

  1. Retrieve the relevant profile and interests of your leads.

  2. From the list, you’ve chosen the people to contact, do a Google search about them, and retrieve their profile from social media sites, or look from their LinkedIn page.

You must locate the interests that you are reasonably comfortable with discussing. For example, if you have decided that you don’t really like HIIT, you shouldn’t discuss it with that person.

  1. Making contact with your leads, with a high success rate.

Write your engaging, personalized blurb. A nice example is:

“I see that you love water sports! I used to in canoe when I was younger. Wanted to reach out to see if you still do dragon-boating during the weekends.”

If you meet someone whose native tongue is not English, and you want to show off some skills:

“Bonjour! Ça va? I noticed that you lived in France, and was hoping to practice with you.”

Connect with them on LinkedIn, and use this blurb as the personalized note.

Do remember to rinse and repeat for other people in the list, customizing your notes to them as you attempt to connect on LinkedIn.

What if I have to look for 3000 contacts in my company’s business development efforts?

Let’s imagine that you’re in the business development department of a food delivery service. You would have to business information on food store vendors to expand your network. Such extensive data extraction calls for some exclusive help. You would need to proceed as follows:

  1. Generate leads through Proxycurl. Depending on your needs, Proxycurl will help you narrow down the type and location of food vendors that you would like to partner with and collect their company profiles and persons-of-contact.
  2. Use Sapiengraph to automate the customized blurb. (We will be sharing about how to do this in future blog posts.)
  3. Contact the Nubela consulting team at [email protected] to build the selenium automation script to help you connect and follow up with your leads.