Because I want to build a company that someone like myself will be proud and happy to work. This is the dull reason I give when people ask why I started a business. I like the people that I work with, and it is nice to age together with them.

A late wedding

I was in Bali over the weekend attending the wedding of Putra, who spearheaded NuMoney Indonesia. With Putra's leadership, NuMoney has pivoted into LandX today.

Holy matrimony

But more importantly, Putra has finally put a ring to Melia, his beautiful wife. But what people did not know was that Putra was supposed to marry Melia in 2018, not 2019. He put off his wedding for a year because we were too busy scaling a business.

Businesses might fail, but your wife is your constant. Which is why every time he was in Singapore, I would ask him how his then-girlfriend is, and if he was going to marry her.

A constant in life

The market is a minefield of chaos. But your family is your constant. And to survive this lifelong marathon, you need a life partner.

But your family is your constant

This is why I am happy that Putra, my dear business partner, is now married. Now, he has the support of his loving wife to dedicate the next 20 years of his life building an empire, together (with me).