Which works out to be 2 million views per month if you do the math. A figure I believe will bring SharedHere to profitability.

It is day two since launch, and it has been two days of regret. I wished I thought through distribution a lot more.

Nobody cares about SharedHere

To be precise, I mean that nobody cares about the shell of infrastructure that is SharedHere. Just as how Reddit without its community is worthless. I had thought that it would be enough with interesting content seeded on the platform. But nobody knows about this content. So we are back to the chicken and egg problem.

Changing the sell

Moving forward, I will cease to promote SharedHere as a platform to get interesting content. Instead, I will adapt my proposition to be straight up: "Do you want to subscribe to premium XXX for free?". That is, instead of promoting the platform, I will be promoting free access to interesting content.

And instead of pushing it on public communities and forums, I will be engaging individuals one-on-one and having them subscribed.

Post-launch blog changes

Some meta thoughts. I am obsessed with SharedHere, especially so the product has launched. With that, the content of the posts that I will be publishing will center around my attempts to kickstart SharedHere into a media goliath starting in Singapore.

So stay tuned to observe how I will succeed!