We get a lot of inquiries for deep discounts for small volume of credits. Such inquiries usually come from fresh startups with little funding, if any at all. As a bootstrapped startup, it is also why we do not give things out for free. We have to survive. However, I empathize deeply and I want to offer you a startup plan for which you can integrate Proxycurl into product and get a substantial amount of free credits every month.

Startup Plan A - Get 10,000 credits every month‌‌

Get 10,000 credits every month when you

  1. update your logo with Powered by Proxycurl visibly added to it
  2. Include a fold in your landing page OR a banner in your landing page that links to Proxycurl
  3. Within the fold, describe how your product is powered by Proxycurl

Here are some examples:

Examples of logos with Powered by Proxycurl
Landing page with Proxycurl Banner
Landing page with a fold describing Proxycurl

Terms and conditions for Startup Plan A

  • Banner must be visible in mobile view and available globally
  • Credits expire every month

How to get started with Startup Plan A?

Once your logo and a fold/banner is live on your website, send [email protected] with the URL of your company's landing page.

When it is approved, credits will be added to your account.

Startup Plan B - Get 20,000 credits one-time

Write a positive blog post about Proxycurl and get 20,000 credits.

We like blog posts that are

  • Review of the service
  • Tutorials with code
  • How Proxycurl powers your product or a specific use-case

Terms and conditions for Startup Plan B

  • Blog post must remain up in perpetuityof your company's lifespan or you are liable to pay back US$200.
  • Blog post must include a minimum of 1000 words. Word count does not include code.
  • You must link to Proxycurl within.
  • Credits expire in 3 months.
  • Article must be posted in your company's domain.

How to get started with Startup Plan B?

Once the blog post is live, send [email protected] with the URL to the published article.

When it is approved, credits will be added to your account.