As a hypochondriac with self-diagnosed ADHD syndrome, I manage my restlessness with videos playing in the background. Having something (useless) in the background that is interesting enough for my brain to make multiple contextual every few seconds helps me to focus on my main task.

Then I paused and shifted my focus to the mature lady in the video. A bonsai master, it seems. She said that every idea she has conceptualized for her bonsai projects only takes shape five years later.

Five years! That is how long it takes to the very inkling of a result from an idea.


I am impatient, and I refuse to live in debt. Therefore, I do not give projects enough breathing room for projects to turnover with results.

Five years old

The company, Nubela, is five years old in 2019. We have grown in strength, mostly technical. If a business is a Bonsai Tree, the concept I had ideated five years ago has somewhat of a shape. It looks nothing like the one I have in my bucket list, but I see the roots heavily grounded in a mass consumer play. A software consumer play.

Here's to the next five years of watering and daily nurture to Nubela. With a little shine from Lady Luck, we might make it to the next five years with green(back) leaves.