I received a response from my first CMO applicant today. He wrote a sample blog post which left me with more questions after I read it. I will attach his sample post at the end of this article.

The questions I asked were:

  1. Who is the target audience for the post?
  2. Which platforms will the content be shared? (Distribution Channel)

The applicant replied

Target Audience - General Public.
Point 2 - popular forums such as hardwarezone, social media platform facebook and replies to comments under straitstimes etc or where the original article was found

Do you spot the problem with his response?

Everything means nothing

The general public means everyone.

A myriad of distribution channels such as forums, social media, and comments section means every platform.

The moment your strategy consists of anything remotely resembling a wide funnel, you have lost the fight. This rule applies in any role; marketing, product, or business development t

How do you do everything?

How do you write a post that appeals to everyone? How do you post a singular content that will trend on every platform?

You cannot. So take a risk. Zoom into the big picture until you see the individual pixels.

Pick a niche

Carousell kickstarted their first batch of users with sellers at flea markets. They found a single distribution channel, consisting of a finite number of people that they could cater wholly and specifically to, and convinced them to list their items on Carousell. Slowly but inevitably, they turned into a behemoth that they are today.

I always say choices are bad. So take a risk and focus on a single niche and build your strategy around it.

What is the worse that can happen? It fails, then you pick another niche.

The sample blog post that was submitted