I just had the revenue carpet that I stood on, pulled out under me. It is sudden, but not unexpected. I started feeling exasperated, but over the evening, it turned into anger, then resolute. A resolution to not have such a situation happen again by which a product of mine can be shut down by a third-party, be it by regulations or de-platformisation, and a resolution to build the next profitable product again.


I wear a layer of bravado. I have no qualms in taking credit for things I did well, nor do I have to feel ashamed in admitting what I am not good at. In times like these, I need my shield of bravado because it is the only way I feel protected from the turmoil that I feel internally.


This is not the first time my company has encountered critical setbacks except this time I have a son. And as I put my son to sleep, thoughts stormed through my head. What kind of a role model do I want to lead with? I want my son to see his dad as someone who fights to win, even in the gravest of situations. I want to tell him: "Nate, pick yourself up and fight."

With that, I will cease writing my daily blog posts and focus my hour a day getting shit done.