The (albeit lame) Metaphor

Most people wonder what’s the significance of the bread and flour when talking about data.

To the baker, flour is the primary ingredient of bread. You don’t taste the flour, but the gluten helps the dough to expand and rise, giving bread its unique texture.

The metaphor is somewhat applicable to data: if used correctly, it can help your efficiency to increase.

Right, that’s enough with the metaphors. We are going straight into how web crawling helps to procure data.

The Role of Proxycurl In Data

Proxycurl helps you to retrieve the information. This information depends on your specific needs, depending on your area of interest.

Our sales development team, Shi Hui and Weiping, has prepared this sales deck for you to read. It’s a bite-sized version of the white paper from last week and contains case studies from industries like recruiting to real estate.

Other Fun Facts: The Other Reason for The Metaphor

Postscript: Our sales dev associate, Shi Hui, created the metaphor. The sales deck content was written (in part) by her.