Business is people, and humans are irrational. Getting things done in a B2B company is about managing this complex web of inter-human relations. I am going on a limb to say that if you are an introverted or aspie founder, you are better off working on a B2C product.

In building and managing this complex web of inter-human relationships, the concept of reciprocation and win-win is so vital that you, or me, as a solo founder will not be able wing it alone. The only way I can cope is because I have wondrous people around me. And you should too.

That investor

Early-stage investment is about pairing an investor and a founder who gets along well. Not unlike dating. Like dating, you have to meet a whole bunch of them before you find one that will find you weirdly attractive (even if you are not), and is willing to take a chance with you.

For every founder you have, you increase the chance equally in finding a match with an investor. In my opinion, too many chefs spoil the broth. I recommend having terrific friends and sharing some equity with them. Like I did.

That whale of a customer

It is a common practice for sales teams to trade leads internally. The idea is that the prospect might connect much better with another individual than you. For large customers, it is in your interest to have multiple angles (people) to get into the process.

If you are unable to do that due to resource constraints, then start with someone that is your buddy who happens to work in a whale of a company.

Figuring out humans

I am still figuring out the B2B model. I find myself doing things very differently. For one, I no longer hold my marbles tightly to my chest. I have been giving them away, very generously to people that I know have got the back of my company and me. Usually both. B2B business models are really interesting to me. I might become a better person because of work.