Met a buddy for lunch today, and we have been great pals. So a few weeks ago, when he asked if I could help him expand his business to Indonesia, I said yes readily. I even offered to put some of my resources into helping him. Both monetary and technical support.

What is in it for me?

We discussed possible angles that he could get started in Jakarta. And I offered office space, some candidates that I think will be great employee #1 in the region. Then he dropped the golden question: "What is in it for me?"

And my answer was that I am in it because I think he has a great business and that it will ultimately work out.

No expectations in revenue? Or expected returns after N years?

The answer was no. I was in it because my buddy has a great idea; he is a great businessman with great ideas who has proven that he can execute. With that, I do not worry about returns.

Not worried about returns

And there lies the entrepreneur in me. I realized that I do not have a fixation on expected returns in anything I do. And maybe that is the required magic in entrepreneurship -- having faith that a product will do so well, that returns will come naturally.