New Proxycurl annual plan with more credits and lower cost per credit
Get more credits at lower cost per credit!

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We're Introducing New Annual Plans With Additional Discounts and Other Pricing Updates

Steven Goh

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In this new year, we're fully committing to our long-term customers with the introduction of a new subscription plans. These changes reflect our growth as a company and our commitment to investing resources in serving our customers over the long term. Throughout 2023, we've significantly invested in service stability and longevity.

These enhancements include the addition of professional personnel dedicated to serving your needs, featuring dedicated account representatives and customer support teams—extending beyond my personal email replies. Our devoted site reliability team works tirelessly to ensure that your applications powered by Proxycurl continue to function flawlessly.

Stability also means investing in data acquisition. I assure you, we are not a one-trick pony; we have substantially diversified and strengthened our data acquisition infrastructure, ensuring that our service remains operational, regardless of changes in third-party platforms.

Beyond technical improvements, we continue to invest in legal compliance and privacy. This commitment has earned us the trust and reliance of various Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Amazon, and Deloitte, who use our service in a legally compliant manner.

Proxycurl remained consistently online throughout 2023 with minimal service disruptions. Our goal is to maintain this standard. To continue being the most stable and accessible platform for retrieving valuable and fresh B2B data, we are revising our pricing plans to focus more on our long-term customers.

Here are the details:

Proxycurl's Annual Subscription Plan

Unlock All Enterprise-Grade Proxycurl Features

Our new annual subscription plan will unlock every Proxycurl feature for you, regardless of your plan size. Gone are the days of plan-based feature differentiation; as a long-term Proxycurl customer, you will enjoy:

  • Access to 200,000 rows of API logs
  • Access to teams (coming soon)
  • The ability to generate additional API keys
  • Get the whole-year credits (or all 12+2 bonus credits) upfront, immediately

These features will be unlocked for users on a annual subscription plan over the next few weeks.

Annual Plans Credits are 16.7% Cheaper

When you sign up for an Annual Plan, you'll receive two additional months' worth of credits. Essentially, when you pay upfront for the whole 12 months, you get the entire 14 months-worth of credits upfront.

In the table below, you can compare the equivalent amount of credits per month and the cost per credit between an Annual Plan and a Monthly Plan.

Starter Growth Pro Ultra
(annual plan)
/mo equiv.
/mo equiv.
/mo equiv.
/mo equiv.
Cost / Credit
(annual plan)
$0.0167 $0.0103 $0.0086 $0.00771
(monthly plan)
Cost / Credit
(monthly plan)
$0.0196 $0.01196 $0.01 $0.009

Differences: Annual Plans vs Monthly Plans

The two main differences between our Annual and Monthly Plans are the payment frequency and the amount of credits you get. The table below outlines the differences:

Annual Plan Monthly Plan
Payment Frequency Paid annually Paid monthly
Credits Awarded Full 12+2 months credits awarded upfront Monthly credits awarded monthly
Credit Expiry One year Every month

Expanding from the table, using the Starter plan as example: if you subscribe to an Annual Plan,

  • you need to pay $588 ($49/mo x 12 months) for the year,
  • and you'll get 35,000 credits (2,500 credits x 14 months) straight away. These credits will expire in one year.

In contrast, if you subscribe to a Monthly Plan,

  • you continue to pay $49 every month,
  • and you get the 2,500 credits that expire each month.

Finally, Proxycurl's Annual Plans are now live! Check them out in your dashboard.

Similarity: both Annual and Monthly Plans now has a 12-month contract

Subscription to Monthly Plans will now require an annual contract, meaning a 12-month commitment with monthly payments.

If you're currently subscribed to a monthly plan, we will grandfather your plan, meaning you will not be automatically enrolled into an annual contract, and it requires explicit opt-in from you.

Subsequently, plan upgrades are possible, but downgrades are considered breaking the contract.

Other Changes to Our Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Plans

In the coming weeks, we will implement these additional changes to the PAYG pricing plans:

  • Our PAYG plan will remain commitment-free.
  • Credits under PAYG plans will expire after 18 months of payment inactivity.
  • The $10 option under the PAYG plan will be a one-time use only, intended for service validation.
  • And lastly, PAYG prices will be increased by 20%.

We do not have a specific ETA for these changes, and these changes will be deployed once ready, without further notification. Please consider these changes when making your purchase decisions.

For any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected]!

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Steven Goh

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