In this article, I am introspecting about my daily blog posts.

These days, I seem to have a link to explain my thought, which is already jotted down in this blog.

I have to push through the fatigue

It is 12:23 am right now, and I am shagged. As much as Nas Daily annoys me, he inspired me with his a-video-a-day challenge for one year, which culminates to discipline. And discipline is one variable that I can control in this game called Entrepreneurship by which I have no control over most variables such as luck or the amount of capital that my family can provide me with. The answer is zero capital if you are curious.

So yes, it is deeply tiring, but if this is what it takes to "succeed", then I want to train this muscle.

I have missed a day or two.

The only day I can remember missing was the day when I had a tiff with my wife, and I was seriously upset. I had to sleep it off. So yeah, I am not perfect. Bite me.

I seem to write a lot about negative stories

That is true because adverse events stand out in my memories. As an eternal optimist, the good things are supposed to happen anyways. The bad stuff, not so much. And I remember them vividly so I can learn from them and as much as I can, ensure that they do not happen again.

I want to say: there are a lot more good things that have happened to me than bad things.

I clickbait significantly

Sometimes the title makes no sense relative to the meat of the content. I am trying to clickbait less and have titles work better. But to be fair, I think I am quite good at click baiting.

My English can be better improved

I run my content through Grammarly, but if I re-read my material with a fresh mind, I always find new mistakes. This has taught me that

  1. Grammarly has a lot of room for improvement
  2. I have a lot of room for improvement in my sentence structure and grammar in general.

I stopped sharing my posts.

Because I figured I do not care that much about people reading these posts. I am writing these posts for myself more than anyone else. Instead, I will leave the promotion of this blog to the future CMO.


I intend to continue writing a post every night for one year. For my own sake, I hope I pull through.