Hitesh is an acquaintance that I knew from university who bullshit-ed everyone that he is a partner at a venture capital fund -- of his own companies that never worked out. Don't be Hitesh because he cannot bullshit.

If there is one hack you need in life: get good at bullshitting. Do not get better at programming. Do not get better at managing people. Do not get better at being in research. Bullshitting is that one hack you need to get ahead in life.

As for me, I believe in a classier version of bullshitting - bullshit that amplifies truths.

Bullshit #1: The Lazy CEO blog is a successful blog

4867 users read my bullshit last week, and I have barely started the blog for no more than 2 weeks.

The number is real. But the success of this blog isn't true because the real yardstick should be subscriber count instead.

Make your bullshit believable and wrap your argument with a cherry-picked statistic.

Bullshit #2: The lazy CEO is a successful entrepreneur

Grow some balls (or ovaries) and jump to the conclusion that seems believable. Then act as if your bullshit is real.

While I do not consider myself a success, the income that my company brings in allows me to live comfortably.

But keep your head above the bullshit you swim in. Your job is to convince the rest of the world, and only them.

Bullshit #3: I am a truly lazy CEO.

Bullshitting is an art. Get creative and say something shocking so you stay in somebody's head.

But always fallback on truths. People will dig through your superficial fluff, so leave some good stuff hidden in the lies that you share. My titles are click baits, but I do my best to deliver great content.

The best politicians, salespeople, and growth hackers are bullshit ninjas

They are so good at bullshitting you that you don't even know they are bullshitting. You believe them because they made it so easy for you to believe them.

It is funny because I made it a point never to bullshit when I was younger, which is why I suck at it and devoted efforts to delivering technically. Then I got old, and I realized being a bullshit artist is a strict requirement of a CEO. (See Elon Musk).

Also, Trump. He bullshitted his way to the white house — mad respects.