Hiring is a key pillar of an organisation's growth. To hire effectively and efficiently, good hiring tools are crucial.
Hiring is a key pillar of an organisation's growth. To hire effectively and efficiently, good hiring tools are crucial.

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10 Hiring Tools For Fast & Effortless Recruitment

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Hiring new talents for your team or organization can be tedious and overwhelming. It requires going through hundreds of applications for weeks to find the right fit for your company and then narrowing down the list to pick a handful of candidates to interview hoping one of them meets your expectations. During this long cumbersome process, you might be lucky to find your gem. Otherwise, you'll have to start all over. The worst part of it all is hiring a candidate whose practical skills are not reflective of what they showcased during the interview process, and therefore, aren't a good fit for the job. Now you're back to square one to start all over, again.

But the hiring process doesn't have to be this complicated, right? Right. There are many tools and software that aim to simplify this process, right from the start of the hiring process to the very last stages of getting the best fit for your company.

In this article, we'll discuss tools that are specific to each stage of the hiring process and how you can leverage them in finding the right candidates for your organization.


What Are Hiring Tools

Before we dive into discussing types of hiring tools, let's first understand their definition.

Hiring tools are software or solutions used by recruiters to speed up and make each stage of the hiring process more effective, increasing the chances of a good hire.

And given the tons of data and information on job applicants out there, such tools are paramount to making the hiring process an efficient and effective one for your business and organization.

The importance and advantages of such tools cannot be overemphasized especially if you are in a fast-growing organization that is constantly looking to hire new talents.

6 Stages Of The Hiring Process

Every hiring team follows a selection process that looks very similar to the following when sourcing candidates for a job position. In this section, we’ll outline the 6 key stages of hiring.

A-Z of hiring in 6 stages
A-Z of hiring in 6 stages

1. Talent Identification (outbound recruiting)

The first step of the hiring process is usually about finding talents with the aptitude suitable for a role, and attitude that fit your company's culture. This could be done through an assessment of candidates’ potential, or the addition of high-performing talents into the company's talent pool. You could also funnel your search by narrowing it down to specific talents that you are looking e.g. software engineers in San Francisco.

2. Recruitment Outreach (outbound recruiting)

This involves reaching out and connecting with potential or suitable candidates who may not be actively looking for work. And once you identified talents, you need to outreach to them. This step is crucial to track all your outreach to them in one place, track their responses rate and interest etc, and also keep them warm throughout the hiring process.

3. Job Postings (inbound recruiting)

This is an example of inbound recruitment in which you put job advertisements on job sites and aggregators. Tapping on the network and exposure these sites have. An example is posting on the LinkedIn job board. It is also a great approach to post video job advertisements on job sites like LinkedIn to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility. You can create engaging video job descriptions and easily transcribe them into text to attract a wider pool of candidates.

4. Review & Shortlist

Shortlisting is probably the most challenging aspect of the hiring process. Talks above need to take time, why is it most challenging? This is usually done by using systems or services to shortlist and categorize candidates who best meet the required and desired criteria for the role, and the ability to share shortlisted candidates with teams and managers to review together.

5. Remote Interview

Remote interview has been on the rise in recent years due to remote working, and now it's been the default go-to method for interviews. Remote interviews offer many advantages over physical or on-site interviews such as cost reduction, the ability to interview large numbers of applicants and time savings.

6. Background Checks

After shortlisting, interviewing, and deciding to hire, many hiring teams would want to do further background checks to reduce the risks of incompatibility. This could be checking for any unmentioned past job experiences or workplaces, verifying education and work experience, checking with guarantors or referees and so on.

10 Hiring Tools To Boost Your Recruitment

Now that we've gone through the different stages involved in the hiring process, let's look at the tools and services you can use to coordinate and streamline these stages.

10 great hiring tools for 6 stages of recruitment
10 great hiring tools for 6 stages of recruitment

Talent Identification

  1. Proxycurl - Proxycurl offers excellent enriched data on persons. You can use this service to customize your searches to find the exact type of talent you want. From their skills to geographies, to previous companies e.g. software engineers from San Francisco, previously from Apple. It's also good for getting a higher hit rate of talent you are looking for and saves time for subsequent stages as you’ve filtered out your preferences at this initial stage.

  2. Maximum - Maximum is an alternative and unconventional form of attracting talent, through employer branding. They do that by building strong employer branding and systems, channels of communication etc, and by doing so through their employees, channels attract like-minded talents.

Recruitment Outreach

  1. Grayscale - Grayscale offers a wide range of hiring tools to streamline your recruitment process. For example, instead of manually sending emails, this company builds a text messaging platform for hiring with automated replies and even a scheduled interview reminder. Thus, saving you time, and resources and keeping your leads warm.

  2. Rectxt - Rectxt is another great outreach texting software that offers templates, and can send personalized one-to-one text messages, custom group messages and bulk messages. It's also available as a mobile app so you can always interact with your candidates on the go.

Job Postings

  1. Alongside - A multipurpose tool for employer branding of your career page, or in this case, your recruitment page. It allows you to post job openings to multiple job boards at a go, able to send reminders for interested applicants that dropped out midway and collaboration between teammates so you can hire the best fit for your company.

  2. Join - Join lets you post job ads across up to 10+ job boards for free. A premium plan lets you post to more than 100 sites, including social media sites.

Review & Shortlist

  1. iSmartRecruit - iSmartRecruit is a comprehensive recruitment software designed to streamline the hiring process for businesses of all sizes. The platform offers a range of features to facilitate efficient candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, and talent management. With customizable workflows and automation tools, iSmartRecruit empowers recruiters to manage job postings, track applicants, schedule interviews, and collaborate with team members seamlessly. Its intuitive interface and advanced analytics provide valuable insights to optimize recruitment strategies and improve hiring outcomes.
  1. Recruiteze - Recruiteze is an online applicant tracking software with many tools that streamline your hiring process. One of its best features is formatting and standardizing resumes you received according to a specification you created. Thereby allowing the review to be done quickly with a consistent layout through the heap of resumes received.

Remote Interview

  1. Spark Hire - A video interview software where applicants can answer questions beforehand in a pre-recorded video, then later do a live interview. This allows for an even more accurate shortlisting of candidates instead of merely through their plain resumes. Interviews can also be saved and shared for review or collaboration later.

  2. BrightHire - A hiring tool that integrates with existing video tools like Zoom, captures notable moments during the interview and saves them as video notes for review later. One of its notable features includes breaking down the whole video into interview sections automatically such as introduction, job experience, skills, and salary expectations.

Background Checks

Bonus: Proxycurl - When you're reaching the final goal of recruiting talent, despite all the info given by the candidates so far, there might still be background checks that you want to do to verify their fit. This final step is ultimately important to give your hiring team the final boost before having the candidate officially on board. Proxycurl is a data-enriching tool that helps you source more information about a candidate, which they might not disclose during the hiring process.

Finally, You’re hired!

Get The Right Tools To Boost Your Recruitment

The hiring process is complex and complicated, and there's no denying that fact. But with the right tools and approach, you can always hire the best talents for your company. This article explored different tools and stages of the hiring process and how all these integrate.

Check out Proxycurl and the suites of excellent APIs your recruitment needs. Using the Person Profile API, get all the data you need about a candidate. Reach out to Proxycurl here to get started.

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